Terms of Use


These are the things you can (or not) do with the image of my UTAUs.

  • Make R-18.
  • Make artwork Girl x Girl, Girl x Boy and Boy x Boy.
-You can't:
  • Complaining these images as their own, because they are owned by (C) Histo / Nemite and Ruke / Rukia922.
  • Use these images to another UTAU and / or Fanloid.


These are the things that can be done or not with the Chris or Taylor's voicebank.

  • Edit oto.ini and re-distribute it.
  • Create original songs and covers dealing with adult themes (R-18, murder, etc)
  • Create some sort of derivative using flags, but to make it official must ask my permission.
-You can't:
  • Re-distribute the voicebanks for any reason, except that the link no longer works.
  • Claiming the creation of any of this voicebanks.
  • Sell music with any of this voicebank.
  • Edit the voicebanks recordings to create another.
  • Use this voicebank for political, religious, racist, homophobic or xenophobic purposes.
© 2014-2022 SeongCastle, Nemite and Rukia922. All rights reserved.
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